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This is J-Slice welcoming you to my DBZ/AF page.

Hi im J-Slice. I am trying to put together all the great aspects of DBZ into one good site by using my perspective as a fan.I am always up to take suggstions that you might have.Hopefully this site will be well known with your help...Remember to sign the Guest Book.
Upcoming Updates

Date 7/20

Well i have started from scratch not too long ago,but I will have pics,gifs,info,and,news.I will add more if you give me suggestions.Remember you also have the power to make this site better.

Date 7/22

Soon I will complete the "DBZ Pics."

I have started a review and code page 4 SNES DBZ games.
I have started a PSX game page.

I am trying to get some movie clips uploaded but I need to check with the server.

Date 7/24 i have started the gifs.


i have started a DBGT pics page and a DBZ one too

Date 7/20

I have finished the home page so far.

Date 7/22

I have completed the news section.I have put up some really rare pics.

Date 7/24

I am happy to report the finish of DBZ SNES games and DBZ PSX games. :)

Date 7/25 I have finished the gifs page and i am completely done with the site. I will add more pics and gifs as I find them.

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