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These are my codes and reviews for Playstation DBZ games

DBZ Ultimate Battle 22

To me this hame was surprisingly goood.it has 2D characters with 3D graphics(great idea).I liked the game a lot, but it needed bigger blasts.They were small blasts that look like they couldn't do much.A good part of the game was the 22 usable characters.My favorite option was the "build a character" option where you can train a character to make him stronger and you can even fight a friend's character.A bad part was that the screen zooms out as you move away from your opponent instead of using the split screen method,but still i recomend you buy this game.

More characters code:to unlock more characters, during the title screen press:Triangle,down,X,left,L1,right,R1.

  Dragon Ball Z: Legends This game is a good one but it is not quite as good as UB22.It has 2D characters and 3D graphics, but thay are not as good as UB22 graphics. It has a lot of playable characters which is good.It has a new option of a battle where you and up to 2 computer allies fight up to 3 computer enemies.this game also has a great story mode.Bottom line is its a good game and if you are a fan you will love it.

Raise ending level to 999%:
After a battle ends the save/continue screen will appear. Hold Select, press Triangle, Square, X for approximately five seconds, then release. Press Up or Down to scroll between scores to 999%.

  DBGT Final Bout This game is a completely 3D game.The game is terrible despite the good graphics.The controlls suck and usually cause a delayed reaction when you enter a move.It was too easy.With one combo you can take out your opponent.I would say "dont bother" to a game of this kind of sucktitude.

Random tournament participants:
Select tournament mode, then press Start at the character selection screen.

Hint: Super attack:
Press the D-pad a quarter-circle backward and forward, then press Triangle.

Hint: Unblockable attack:
Press R2 + Triangle + X while in front of your opponent. You may also do a super hit by pressing X near the opponent.