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These are my reviews and codes for SNES DBZ games

Super Bouden

This is the first, and worst, Super Butoden of the three,. Offering giant fireballs, air/water/ground combat modes, and a long-distance separation bar. It's not really well drawn, the music is not that good, but hey! it was only 1993!!! It's the only game offering non-perfect Cell and Dr. Gero as playable characters.

After you have turned on the machine, hold down
A, B, X, Y, L, and R while rotating the D-pad
clockwise rapidly, until you hear a voice acknowledging
your success. Now in versus mode you can choose
to be Trunks, Gohan, Super Saiyan Goku, Super
Saiyan Vegita, or Perfect Cell. You and your opponent
can also choose the same character.

Press A during the introduction sequence to display
the title screen. Wait until Goku and Piccolo
begin fighting in the background, then press
L + R + Select + Start. The game will reset. Press
any button to enter the main menu. The game level
(in the option menu) will be set to 4 to confirm
correct code entry.

Super Bouden 2
This game is truly an awsome game.The graphics are smooth and take the look of the cartoon.A High point of the game is the great story mode.you can take the role of Trunks, Gohan, Piccolo, or vegeta. You start in the cell saga and you progress to villians like Bojack and Brolli.You can choose exactly where you want to go.The sound effects are great with cools songs.Thw versus mode was my favorite part because you can choose GohanSSJ2,Vegeta,Trunks,Piccol,Cell,Bojack,Cell JR, and Dabura.

To unlock Goku&Brolli in versus mode you press:up,x,Down,b,L,y,R,a when you see gohan flying to Kame's Outpaost in the begining.you should here Brolli Talk

Super Bouden 3
This game is almost the same as Super Butoden 2, but only with different characters. I liked it because most of the characters are Super Saiyans, plus you can use Kaio-Shin, Darbura, and Fat Boo. It has very good music,and gameplay is great. What could have been better would have been if there was a story line.Bottom line it is an awsome game just not as good as SB2.

To unlock Future Trunks you press up,x,down,b,L,y,R,A during the beginning when you hear the heartbeat.you should hear a "swish" sound if done right.